Can ChatGPT Disrupt the Cannabis Industry?

February 2, 2023 | Written By Jay Kotzker


Jay Kotzker is a Partner at Parlatore Law Group, focusing on intellectual property and cannabis business law. Licensed in Colorado and New York, Jay counsels clients in the cultivation, manufacturing, and retail sectors around the country on licensing, operational compliance, business development, brand development, and protection, as well as exit strategies. His time spent as general counsel to two multi-state cannabis operators has helped him to develop a strong working knowledge of the nuanced legal issues affecting the cannabis industry, from plant-touching matters to employment issues, dispute resolution, marketing, advertising, and regulatory compliance.  Jay is currently providing counsel to cannabis entrepreneurs in established and emerging markets.

Jay Kotzker wrote an article about ChatGPT. If you haven’t heard about ChatGPT, the natural language processing artificial intelligence tool that was released at the end of November 2022, now is the time to check it out. Current commentary and testing among the public seems to indicate that this new technology and other tools like it, including Open AI’s DALL•E, which creates and transforms images from text, will have a significant impact on the practice of law and in numerous industries.

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He is a member of BIPOCANN, the Cannabis Section of the Colorado Bar Association, and the Colorado and New York State Bar. Jay lives with his wife and three children in Denver, Colorado.

Jay can be reached at or 303.529.0112



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