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Discrimination comes in many different forms, from racial bias to whistleblower activity, and the pursuit of justice in the face of discrimination is not easy.

Discrimination comes in many different forms, from racial bias to whistleblower activity, and the pursuit of justice in the face of discrimination is not easy. To establish a claim for discrimination, you need documentation, witnesses, and often pre-litigation procedures, among other things. These steps can feel daunting without a knowledgeable and caring hand to guide you through what may be some of the most challenging moments of your life.

Parlatore Law Group’s discrimination attorneys will do the leg work, ensuring the boxes are checked, handling the procedural mire, and delivering sound, objective legal counsel so you can focus on self-care during this challenging time.

If you’re not ready for that step, we can provide consultation on strategy in approaching EEOC and other discrimination cases to empower you to pursue claims on your own. We are well-equipped to manage the technical aspects of your claim and to pursue the justice you deserve.

How do you know you’ve been discriminated against? What is discrimination? We have compiled the below list of the “protected areas” (i.e. people who can be discriminated against), the adverse actions that might cause discrimination claims to come about, and the contexts in which such discrimination might occur. If you find that something has happened to you that matches an item in each area, then you may have been discriminated against, in a manner that is conceivable under the current law. Of course, there will be instances that don’t fit into our tidy little list and instances where your case won’t match up with the legal protections, so reach out to us with questions







Country of origin


Whistleblower/protected activity


Adverse Action:



"Passed over"

Lost wages

Denial of benefits

Failure to accommodate








Health Care


















Matters we handle:

Initial evaluation of claims and defenses
Drafting charges
Representation at mediation/conciliation
Representation at Hearings
Notice to employer
Demand Letter
Requesting accommodations and exemptions
Coordinating with health care providers
Appeals and requests for reconsideration

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