Parlatore Law Group, LLP Hires First Attorney for Pilot Associate Program

January 28, 2021 | Written By Laurel Sceviour

Rigien Bagekany-Jackson

A First for National Cloud-Based Firms

When we announced the launch of our pilot Associate Program, we never could have imagined that we would receive so many qualified candidates of such incredibly high caliber.  This new program provides an exciting training opportunity for a recently graduated attorney to focus on learning both the practice and the business of law, in a family-friendly environment.  Parlatore Law Group’s Associate Program is starkly different from those at most larger law firms, where associates are primarily focused on billing as many hours as possible, at the expense of the client, rather than being immersed in true growth opportunities.  Most firms hire many young associates, who they use as profit centers, overworking them to the point of burnout, with only a small percentage eventually earning the Partner title.  In contrast, our plan is to only hire a small number of associates, who are carefully selected for their growth potential; we focus on helping them develop into partners in the firm.  We are committed to honoring our core mission of providing clients the highest quality legal services at reasonable rates, while supporting the development of talented attorneys, so the clients will only be billed for the value received from our associates, rather than being unwittingly forced to pay the extra hours that traditional firms typically bill in order to subsidize their learning. “Although the term ‘associate’ is the industry standard for newly admitted attorneys, our vision more closely resembles an apprenticeship, where we focus on our associates’ individual professional development, to cultivate the best attorneys who will thrive in a cloud-based law firm environment,” said Timothy Parlatore, Founder and Managing Partner.

We are thrilled to announce the selection of Rigien Bagekany-Jackson as our newest associate.  Based in our newly established Houston, TX office, Ms. Bagekany-Jackson joins us a recently admitted attorney. She will primarily practice in litigation and criminal law, but also has a prior career background in commercial and corporate transactions, as well as oil and gas supply chain management.

“I am very excited to join such an exceptionally talented group of attorneys dedicated to providing quality representation to clients,” said Bagekany-Jackson. “I am excited to see the firm grow while I work on diversifying my legal career. As someone who grew up in Iraq and Germany and lived in different countries around the world, I am confident that I can provide excellent legal representation to clients from all walks of life.” 

Ms. Bagekany-Jackson’s wide breadth of education and work experiences will surely be an asset to Parlatore Law Group. Prior to Joining Parlatore Law Group, she worked for a Norwegian oil and gas operator, DNO, between Iraq and Dubai as a Supply Chain Coordinator, helping the company understand regulatory compliance issues by acting as a liaison between the oil ministry and the company. She also worked to ensure clients met state and federal regulatory compliance guidelines, assisted with the reviewal of commercial terms and conditions of agreements, and registered companies as business entities in compliance with regulations.

Parlatore’s desire to provide meaningful training opportunities for the best up-and-coming minds in the legal industry stems from his own experience as an associate.  He is passionate about helping talented associates grow into the kind of highly skilled attorneys who are best suited to serve the needs of our clients. “Ms. Rigien Bagekany-Jackson is an obvious fit for this new role,” said Parlatore, “She has the experience and passion to complement our firm goals perfectly, and we are thrilled to have her on board, as we continue to push forward with achieving the full potential of what a cloud-based law firm model can achieve.”

For more on Rigien Bagekany-Jackson, Esq. click here.

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