Parlatore Law Group Welcomes Six New Attorneys

April 29, 2021 | Written By Laurel Sceviour

Parlatore Law Group, LLP is thrilled to announce our continued growth, as six new attorneys have joined our firm in March 2021, expanding our operations into Miami, Florida and Cheyenne, Wyoming, while increasing our strength in Arlington, Virginia; New Orleans, Louisiana; Raleigh, North Carolina; and Dallas, TX. Read on to learn more about what these impressive lawyers bring to Parlatore Law Group.


“We are thrilled by our steady growth over these past two months, having added seven impressive attorneys to our firm: Jennifer, Marianne, Eric, Wynton, Matthew, and Maria.

We look forward to continuing to grow as an energetic, mission-oriented team that is eager to work together to achieve the best results for our clients.

– Timothy Parlatore, Founder & Managing Partner


Jennifer Evans, Esq.

Jennifer Evans is a Partner at Parlatore Law Group and focuses her practice on contract law, business law, corporate law, estate planning, real estate, and regulatory compliance.

"I am proud to join Parlatore Law Group because the Firm is committed to providing top-notch quality legal services while reducing overhead costs. This allows us to offer our services at a more affordable rate without sacrificing the quality of legal representation. I am proud to join a Firm that puts our clients first." 

– Jennifer Evans, Partner

Prior to joining Parlatore Law Group, Ms. Evans was a risk management specialist at Branch Banking and Trust Company (now Truist), where she provided risk consulting, advice, and guidance to designated business areas to mitigate risk to the 6th largest financial institution. She utilized regulatory guidance to monitor operational, liquidity, strategic, reputational and credit risk practices to integrate into Truist’s internal management program. These work experiences have left her well-equipped to skillfully assess and update relevant risk and control policies and procedures to ensure maximum effectiveness of internal business processes. 

She is admitted to practice in North Carolina. To view Jennifer Evans’ full biography and contact information, click here.


Marianne GattiMarianne Gatti, Esq.

Marianne Gatti is a partner at Parlatore Law Group and focuses her practice on bankruptcy and creditors’ rights, in addition to mediation/arbitration (ADR).

I am excited to be joining the innovative and forward-thinking attorneys of Parlatore Law Group. The collaborative efforts of such an accomplished group in a cloud-based setting will be a great benefit to our clients.  

– Marianne Gatti, Partner

Ms. Gatti has a plethora of experience practicing in bankruptcy and creditors’ rights, having represented the Chapter 13 Trustee and secured creditors, mostly large lending institutions, on all issues involving real property, including wrongful foreclosure actions, lien disputes, breach of contract, and suit on note matters, in the areas of bankruptcy, evictions, collections and civil litigation. She has experience successfully handling all issues throughout the bankruptcy process from proof of claims, 341 meetings of creditors, up through and including the federal appeals process, to include the US Supreme Court where she successfully argued against a writ of certiorari being granted. These targeted experiences speak to Ms. Gatti’s strengths and abilities to best represent her clients no matter the situation.

She is admitted to practice in Nevada, US District Court, District of Nevada, Wyoming, US District Court, District of Wyoming, in addition to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. To view Marianne Gatti’s full biography and contact information, click here.


Eric PostowEric Postow

Eric Postow is Counsel at Parlatore Law Group and focuses his practice on supporting staffing and recruiting companies with risk mitigation, compliance planning, employee handbooks, contracts, negotiations, and as outside general counsel. He aims to help those who assist others seeking employment, by ensuring they can operate at their highest potential without having to focus all their energy on their legal framework.  

 As a business minded attorney, I wanted to work in a firm that allowed for maximum flexibility to develop my law practice the way that felt most organic to me. Creativity is not something you find in every law firm, but Parlatore Law Group's model insists on creativity and entrepreneurship, both of which are very important to me.” 

– Eric Postow, Counsel

Mr. Postow brings a business-focused approach to his legal practice having spent the past five years as a top producer for a Washington, DC based staffing firm. By working in the recruiting trenches, he saw first had the day-to-day business and legal needs within the staffing industry. He earned a reputation as a shrewd negotiator, having delivered the highest fee agreements, and negotiated salaries in the history of the 20-year-old company. Mr. Postow represented both diverse industry business clients and candidates and was regarded as an expert in strategic hiring consultation from both sides. Internally, he supported his clients and internal team with legal review of contracts, joint employment consultation, important labor & employment regulation compliance, drafting privacy and non-disclosure agreements, as well as providing general legal advice as issues came up. 

He is admitted to practice in Virginia. To view Eric Postow’s full biography and contact info, click here.


Wynton YatesWynton Yates, Esq.

Wynton Yates is Counsel at Parlatore Law Group and focuses his practice on entertainment law, film and television, sports law, intellectual property, and copyright and trademark law. He assists clients with business development, including social media licensing and branding. His significant breadth of experience helps him to best serve the needs of his clients in all stages of business growth and development.

"Helping creatives navigate the world in a way that benefits their career and future endeavors is my passion. Parlatore Law group is a place where I believe I will be able to bring entertainment industry professionals, content creators, and business owners across the country high quality legal representation that they can afford.  My priority is to provide my clients with services that will help move their careers forward in a positive direction and Parlatore law Group is the best platform from which to achieve that goal. It is my honor to join such an illustrious group of attorneys that are ready and willing to assist with all our client's needs."

– Wynton Yates, Counsel  

He counsels and advocates for his clients on any aspect of their entertainment or sports career. Whether it Is drafting and negotiating a contract or developing a licensing agreement for an artist's creation to be used by a third party, Mr. Yates is uniquely equipped to handle any legal matter that will help move his client's careers forward.

He is admitted to practice in Louisiana. To view Wynton Yates’ full biography and contact information, click here.


Matthew Hefti, Esq.

Matthew J. Hefti is Counsel at Parlatore Law Group. Motivated and informed through his own military service, Matthew focuses a significant part of his practice on military law, including military appeals and military writs. He enjoys working on creative, cohesive, and highly effective teams to give his clients the best holistic representation possible. As a result, he primarily litigates in complex cases with high stakes, where cohesive and effective teams are necessary to serve the client’s objectives.

”Great lawyering takes more than great lawyers; it takes great teams. I’m thrilled to be joining Parlatore Law Group because it’s a firm full of great lawyers and team players with a vast range of experience, skills, and practice areas. I’m thrilled for my clients, who have the incredible pool of experience and knowledge available inside the same firm. Parlatore Law Group’s cutting-edge model, nationwide practice, global reach, and brilliant legal minds all working together in an agile team-oriented culture all mean that each client gets more than a lawyer. Each client gets the exact right team for the job.”

– Matthew Hefti, Counsel 

Mr. Hefti spends a sizable portion of his practice in nonprofit formation, development, representation, and counsel. He particularly enjoys advising, representing, and promoting other writers, editors, agents, publishers, and literacy organizations. In addition to directly representing his own clients, Mr. Hefti also advises and counsels other legal teams and courts explosives cases. Numerous states and federal court jurisdictions have appointed him as an independent expert for defense teams on significant issues related to post-blast investigations, explosives, and improvised explosive devices in high-profile bombings.

He is admitted to practice in Texas. To view Matthew Hefti’s full biography and contact information, click here.


Maria Jose Rivera, Esq.

Maria Jose Rivera is Counsel at Parlatore Law Group, and an entertainment lawyer, focused in the areas of copyright, trademark, litigation, international intellectual property, and business-related matters. Drawing from storytelling, film, music and the arts, her practice is dedicated to empowering the artists, entrepreneurs, startups, innovators, authors, and recalibrating small, independent business, arts, and culture.

“I love my practice. I feel very lucky to join and work with a wonderful team. The firm provides a an innovative environment through a cloud-based platform, focusing the highest quality of legal services that is most convenient to the clients without high-cost expenses. As Counsel and an entertainment lawyer in Miami, FL I make sure to reach the creative industries who have been underserved in the past – internationally, as well as domestically.”

– Maria Jose Rivera, Counsel

Her passion for safeguarding the creative process, has followed Ms. Rivera throughout her career. Prior to joining Parlatore Law Group, she helped secure a victory for a small-business client whose use of the MonsterFishKeepers name was opposed by the Monster Beverage Company. She helped in another trademark case against Nautica on behalf of another small-business, Nautigirl Brands, LLC. Lastly, she helped an independent film maker on a copyright case in the documentary “William and the Windmill.”

She is admitted to practice in Florida. To view Maria Jose Rivera’s full biography and contact information, click here.


Parlatore Law Group LLP is a new and innovative law firm that delivers services through a cloud-based platform, dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality legal services at highly competitive rates. We do this by removing all the barriers, bureaucracy and bloated overhead costs associated with traditional law firms, and instead focus on unleashing the energy and individual genius of the best legal minds in the industry.  Parlatore Law Group is growing and actively hiring attorneys from a wide range of practice areas and geographies, while offering industry leading compensation packages and quality of life.  As a veteran owned business, Parlatore Law Group LLP is also dedicated to hiring veterans, reservists, National Guardsmen, and military spouses.

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