scott brenner

Scott D. Brenner


Scott D. Brenner is a solutions-based strategic advisor in several areas of legal practice, navigating clients and colleagues through complex commercial transactions, regulatory matters, and litigation.   Mr. Brenner has over 25 years of “in the trenches” experience representing entrepreneurs, investment professionals, banking institutions, domestic and international businesses ranging in development from early and emerging growth stages, to mid-Market and multi-national corporations. 

It is our steadfast objective to provide the broadest possible experience as a legal resource for clients to leverage in the context of strategic problem solving and decision making.  The net result is proactive creativity, foresight, and leadership, implemented at any level of an organization to effectively identify and address its legal challenges at the earliest opportunity.

Mr. Brenner’s corporate practice focuses on business formation and growth strategy, commercial contracts, employment, intellectual property, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, capital structure, private equity/venture finance and asset-based debt transactions in industries such as investment banking, financial products, technology and network security, consumer goods and services, health care, and real estate development.  Mr. Brenner’s commercial trade practice focuses on international sales/purchases, shipment, warehousing, and distribution of goods, services, physical commodities and other raw materials. In this area he has advised and represented the world’s leading traders and producers of metals, minerals, agriculture and energy commodities. 

Mr. Brenner also maintains a community-based practice throughout New York and Connecticut, wherein he represents individual and business clients in select general practice matters including land development, zoning, boundary disputes, real estate, matrimonial, family, and criminal.

Reported Appellate Decisions: 

E.H. Investment Company, LLC v. Chappo LLC, 174 Conn. App. 344 (Connecticut Appellate Court, 2017). Represented Westport, CT based Investment Banking Firm in Trial and Appeal regarding issues of Commercial Contract law – obtained unanimous decision written by Chief Judge Prescott overturning Trial Court.

Chase Scientific Research, Inc. v. NIA Group, Inc., 96 N.Y.2d 20 (New York State Court of Appeals, 2001).  Successful appeal brought on behalf of national defense contractor to challenge the professional status of insurance industry policy procurement for statute of limitations purposes, settling new bellwether law.