Strategic Legal & Crisis Communications

In our hyperconnected world, a single misstep can send your brand into a tailspin. Whether it’s a court case, scandal, or just negative press, navigating the legal and reputational minefield of a crisis requires a steady hand and a keen mind.

When you or your business are facing a crisis with potentially consequential negative media attention, it is greatly beneficial to have attorneys who are well versed in strategic legal and crisis communications. Whether there is a related court case or not, you and your business can benefit from having an experienced attorney with significant credibility to speak to the media on your behalf. “An attorney’s duties do not begin inside the courtroom door. He or she cannot ignore the practical implications of a legal proceeding for the client. Just as an attorney may recommend a plea bargain or civil settlement to avoid the adverse consequences of a possible loss after trial, so too an attorney may take reasonable steps to defend a client’s reputation and reduce the adverse consequences of indictment, especially in the face of a prosecution deemed unjust or commenced with improper motives. A defense attorney may pursue lawful strategies to obtain dismissal of an indictment or reduction of charges, including an attempt to demonstrate in the court of public opinion that the client does not deserve to be tried” Gentile v. State Bar of Nevada, 501 U.S. 1030 (1991)

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