Who We Are

Founded by a military veteran, both the culture and ethos of the firm draw heavily upon that experience resulting in a mission oriented, client focused approach.

Our Team

Our attorneys are hand-picked for their razor-sharp minds, proven track records, and years of experience in a wide range of practice areas. They’re not just legal sharks; they’re trusted advisors and passionate advocates who fight tirelessly for your best interests.

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tim parlatore

Timothy C. Parlatore

Managing Partner

Our Core Values

  • We are Relentless

    Our clients demand results. We will employ all methods that we believe reasonably necessary to fight for our clients.

  • We are Fearless

    We fight significant cases and are not intimidated by the other side. We will not be dissuaded from presenting a righteous case.

  • We are Creative

    Each case is different and requires an individualized solution that is based on the best interest of the client. We will consider all available options, even unorthodox ones that are supported by the facts and the law, rather than always following conventional wisdom or a standard checklist.

  • We are Empathetic

    We recognize that behind every legal case, there are real people whose lives and livelihoods are affected by what we do.
  • We are Efficient

    We are a client-centered law firm, which means that the focus of our efforts is on obtaining the best and most cost-effective results for our client. We leverage our cloud-based infrastructure and technology to increase our reach. We do not prioritize law firm profits over results for the client.
  • We are Ethical

    As lawyers, our greatest asset is our reputation for integrity and credibility. We will therefore only present cases on good evidence. We will not present any arguments that the facts, evidence and the law will not justify.
  • We are Courteous but Uncompromising

    We will treat opposing attorneys with courtesy and respect. However, as we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, we will not tolerate those who fail to meet the same ethical standards. If an opposing counsel demonstrates a lack of ethics or honesty, we will not turn a blind eye. They should expect us to become uncompromising in using their transgressions against them and to the benefit of our client.
  • We are a Team

    As a firm, we work together with each other to achieve the best possible results. The client’s success is more important than individual recognition. The strength of the team improves the client success rate.
  • We are Never Satisfied

    We do not rest upon our past accomplishments. Our clients deserve the best possible representation. We have a mindset of constant, never ending self-improvement, always working to sharpen our skills and improve our mental and physical conditioning so that we are always at our best and prepared for any legal challenge.
  • We are for the Law

    A true legal professional is guided by the facts, evidence and the law, not on politics or popularity. Though our firm prides itself on diversity of thought, we will not allow our personal beliefs or outside pressure to interfere with advocating on behalf of our clients.