Our business strategy, recruiting practices, culture and compensation are what differentiates us from other cloud-based law firms.


If you are an experienced attorney looking to upgrade your legal services practice, you should consider the opportunities available at Parlatore Law Group.

Ready to Upgrade Your Practice?

If you are an experienced attorney looking to upgrade your legal services practice, you should consider the opportunities available at Parlatore Law Group. Benefits of working at Parlatore Law Group include:

  • Increased compensation rates by retaining a much larger percentage of your billable revenue than you would at a traditional law firm.
  • Freedom and flexibility to work from any location. Cloud commuting makes shuttling back and forth to an office everyday obsolete.
  • No minimum billable hours.
  • Earn a percentage of fees collected from all work performed for clients you bring to Parlatore Law Group, even if another partner is doing the work.
  • Equity based recruiting bonus.
  • Better quality of life.

Parlatore Law Group offers these benefits and more to motivated and capable attorneys through innovative implementation of the “cloud-based law firm” model.

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Parlatore Law Group looks to hire capable, talented attorneys with an entrepreneurial spirit. Grit and determination, along with a strong sense of ethics are more important than law school pedigree. We are hiring in a wide variety of practice areas and jurisdictions, as our goal is to grow into a full-service firm in all 50 states. We love attorneys who have run successful small or solo practices, but are looking to level up by joining a larger team with a robust technology platform, as well as “BigLaw” alumni who are looking for a way to provide more value to their clients, while drastically improving their own quality of life.
Parlatore Law Group operates on a pure “eat what you kill” model. Every dollar that gets paid to the firm gets split three ways: the originating attorney, the attorney who does the work, and the firm. While this 3-way split may not be groundbreaking, our minimal overhead significantly changes the percentages, as the firm operates on less than 20% of the gross revenue. This means over 80% of the revenue is paid out to our attorneys. Exact split percentages are discussed as part of our recruiting process.

One of the best features of our cloud-based practice is the flexibility to shape your own version of work-life balance. Our attorneys all make their own hours. If the work gets done, we do not dictate any working hours or days. Removing the commute, as well as the inflexible nature of a physical office provides significantly more time and flexibility.
For example, while leading the firm and litigating some of the most significant cases in the country, our managing partner is still able to hit the gym every morning and do school pick-up and drop-offs on most days.

We do not have minimum billable hour requirements because there are more ways to be profitable than to simply focus on the rigid, antiquated model of billable hours. Because our billing practices are flexible and allow for flat fees and subscription services, we are more interested in results and value provided to the client than the number of hours worked.

Our unique model and billing structure does not confine us to a rigid minimum book requirement. However, a successful track record of business development is important.

Our attorneys are generally computer literate with all the standard Microsoft Office programs. Our practice management platform is very intuitive and user friendly. If you can operate a smart phone and a laptop, you will be fine here.

Our attorneys can work from anywhere – literally. Most of our people set up home offices, while some choose to work from coffee shops, cafes, RVs, boats, the gym, or the tailgate of their Jeep, while using a VPN at all times.

Parlatore Law Group is a Limited Liability Partnership. Many of our attorneys set up their own LLCs or other entities and sign the partnership agreement using that entity, as opposed to individually. This provides our attorneys the opportunity to take advantage of all the tax benefits of being a small business owner, while having the professional benefits of being part of a larger national firm.

We place very few restrictions on the types of matters that our attorneys handle. However, attorneys should only take on matters that they are competent to handle, or have the proper support to minimize the risk of malpractice claims.

Parlatore Law Group has a marketing staff, including remote videography. Our marketing department is primarily focused on marketing the firm and originating cases for the firm, which can then be distributed to our attorneys, as well as to provide light marketing support to promote the individual attorneys upon request. We also provide a platform to distribute attorney-generated marketing materials like blogs or videos

Parlatore Law Group has an accounting department with a full-time in-house CPA, as well as an administrative department. The firm handles all aspects of the “business of law” for you so that you can focus on the “practice of law.”
Although we do have paralegal support, we do not offer secretarial/dictation services or any of the other unnecessary support traditionally associated with brick and mortar firms. Our attorneys do their own research and type their own letters.

Parlatore Law Group values diversity in the workplace, but perhaps more importantly, we prioritize inclusion. As diversity consultant Vernā Myers stated, “Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.” Many law firms hire a diverse class of junior lawyers but fail to provide them a clear pathway to partnership and leadership within the firm. Parlatore Law Group focuses on ensuring inclusion of all our attorneys and staff, and that they all have opportunities for growth.
Our cloud-based model and corporate culture naturally fosters more diversity and inclusion, particularly for people whose lifestyles are less compatible with long in-person office hours. A large percentage of our attorneys and staff are women with young children – a demographic that is not traditionally supported by many firms, but which Parlatore Law Group embraces.

If you have faced discrimination and roadblocks to advancement at other firms, contact us to learn more about how getting rid of the building can open doors for you.

Parlatore Law Group was founded by a military veteran who is admittedly bitter about being forced to give up his reservist career because it was allegedly “incompatible” with running a private law practice. The reality is that reserve/National Guard service CAN be compatible, if a firm is understanding and supportive, with a team that can pick up the slack in the event of a mobilization. Many firms quietly (and illegally) discriminate against Reservists/National Guard, but Parlatore Law Group welcomes, understands and encourages military service.

Parlatore Law Group is a strong supporter of military spouse employment. A significant percentage of our attorneys and much of our support staff are military spouses who greatly benefit from the cloud-based model to “PCS-proof” their careers. We also maintain a close relationship with military spouse organizations, such as the Military Spouse JD Network (MSJDN) and The Rosie Network.

About 1/3 of our attorneys do not live in a jurisdiction where they are licensed. The beauty of a cloud-based practice is that attorneys can virtually telecommute to their jurisdiction daily from their home. Once an uncommon and misunderstood practice, the COVID-19 pandemic woke many people up to the realities of remote work and led to ethics opinions (insert link: https://www.americanbar.org/content/dam/aba/administrative/professional_responsibility/aba-formal-opinion-495.pdf) endorsing the practice.

Our recruiting process is unique because our structure, particularly when it comes to compensation. The “eat what you kill” model is not a good fit for everyone. The first step is to fill out an online application here (INSERT LINK). All recruits then have an informational interview. Once this is a potential match, recruits sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and receive a copy of our Partner Manual to learn exactly how our cloud-based structure works. After reviewing the manual, we address any follow-up questions that recruits may have before shifting to our evaluation process. At this stage, the two questions that we are looking to answer are:

  1. Is this recruit a good fit for our team (we have a strictly enforced “no jerks” policy)?
  2. How will the recruit use our business model to be financially successful?

Once our hiring partner is satisfied that the recruit is a good fit and has strong potential to be financially successful, an offer letter is extended. Offer letters are dictated by the Partnership Agreement and are not subject to negotiation.

We are always looking to grow, while at the same time staying true to our roots. Our founder has a long-term goal of growing Parlatore Law Group to 300 attorneys nationwide.

Parlatore Law Group is not a political firm. Although we have represented several political figures, the firm does not identify with any political party. We value diversity of thought and pride ourselves on having a team of attorneys which includes people on both sides of the political spectrum. When taking on politically sensitive or controversial matters, our team does not pursue political or partisan strategies, but rather a strict focus on the facts, evidence and the law. Our Partner Manual, originally written in 2018, states the following:
“Our culture and market focus will lend itself naturally to representing political and other public figures on both sides of the aisle. The firm must take care to ensure that it never acquires a reputation of being a shill for any political party. For example, we should be able to defend Hillary Clinton just as vigorously as we would defend Donald Trump, as clients. No matter what our personal political views are, as a firm, our primary loyalty is to the Constitution and the ethical rules that govern our profession.”
In an increasingly divided country, we value having a diverse team that can work together respectfully and effectively. Differing opinions, respectfully discussed, lead to better results for our clients because we seek to understand each other and the opposing side to seek the most effective solution.

Our Core Values

  • We are Relentless

    Our clients demand results. We will employ all methods that we believe reasonably necessary to fight for our clients.

  • We are Fearless

    We fight significant cases and are not intimidated by the other side. We will not be dissuaded from presenting a righteous case.

  • We are Creative

    Each case is different and requires an individualized solution that is based on the best interest of the client. We will consider all available options, even unorthodox ones that are supported by the facts and the law, rather than always following conventional wisdom or a standard checklist.

  • We are Empathetic

    We recognize that behind every legal case, there are real people whose lives and livelihoods are affected by what we do.
  • We are Efficient

    We are a client-centered law firm, which means that the focus of our efforts is on obtaining the best and most cost-effective results for our client. We leverage our cloud-based infrastructure and technology to increase our reach. We do not prioritize law firm profits over results for the client.
  • We are Ethical

    As lawyers, our greatest asset is our reputation for integrity and credibility. We will therefore only present cases on good evidence. We will not present any arguments that the facts, evidence and the law will not justify.
  • We are Courteous but Uncompromising

    We will treat opposing attorneys with courtesy and respect. However, as we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, we will not tolerate those who fail to meet the same ethical standards. If an opposing counsel demonstrates a lack of ethics or honesty, we will not turn a blind eye. They should expect us to become uncompromising in using their transgressions against them and to the benefit of our client.
  • We are a Team

    As a firm, we work together with each other to achieve the best possible results. The client’s success is more important than individual recognition. The strength of the team improves the client success rate.
  • We are Never Satisfied

    We do not rest upon our past accomplishments. Our clients deserve the best possible representation. We have a mindset of constant, never ending self-improvement, always working to sharpen our skills and improve our mental and physical conditioning so that we are always at our best and prepared for any legal challenge.
  • We are for the Law

    A true legal professional is guided by the facts, evidence and the law, not on politics or popularity. Though our firm prides itself on diversity of thought, we will not allow our personal beliefs or outside pressure to interfere with advocating on behalf of our clients.