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Our business strategy, recruiting practices, culture and compensation are what differentiates us from other cloud-based law firms.

If you are an experienced attorney looking to upgrade your legal services practice, you should consider the opportunities available at Parlatore Law Group.


Ready to Upgrade Your Practice?

If you are an experienced attorney looking to upgrade your legal services practice, you should consider the opportunities available at Parlatore Law Group. Benefits of working at Parlatore Law Group include:

Parlatore Law Group offers these benefits and more to motivated and capable attorneys through innovative implementation of the “cloud-based law firm” model.

How are cloud-based firms different from traditional firms?

The cloud-based law firm model is a proven game-changer for the legal services industry.  It is based on a simple principle that removing the burdensome costs associated with brick and mortar offices will give attorneys immeasurable freedom, which will lead to increased productivity and work quality, and in turn, dramatically increasing both quality of life and compensation.

Cloud-based technology allows Parlatore Law Group to operate very similarly to traditional firms in terms of organizational structure, in that attorneys continue utilizing the bookkeeping, administrative and paralegal support that they are accustomed to, but the need for a physical office is eliminated. Like the attorneys at Parlatore Law Group, our support staff cloud-commutes.  

The most significant advantage of the cloud-based model is that attorneys can earn more while billing less, without sacrificing quality of work product. Since Parlatore Law Group requires such a small percentage of revenue for overhead, our partners keep a much higher percentage of the fees they collect, instead of having to satisfy the demands of heavy overhead expenses. These savings can be passed on to clients by charging significantly reduced hourly fees.

For those attorneys who are concerned with how clients perceive cloud-based technology and attorneys who do not believe in working from extravagant offices, one of our clients’ put it best:

If I had met [Law Firm X] in their offices, I never would have hired them.  I hated going to their offices.  You take a fancy elevator up to their floor and walk out into a big beautiful lobby that’s the size of my house.  There’s a receptionist at a desk and a single couch in this lobby the size of my house and they make you wait 30-45 minutes before they let you come back to see them.  The whole time, I’d be looking around and thinking “I’m spending over $1,000 an hour just so that they can have a lobby the size of my house…

Today’s clients are rightfully far more impressed with quality of work and cost-effectiveness than how fancy a lawyer’s office is – especially when they know they are being overcharged just to subsidize that office.

How is Parlatore Law Group different from other cloud-based firms?

Our business strategy, recruiting practices, culture and compensation are what differentiates us from other cloud-based law firms.

Many existing cloud-based firms were founded by veterans of AMLAW 200 firms, who aim to become AMLAW 200 firms, and ultimately aspire to be “Cravath in the Cloud.”  While a fine goal, these firms implement very restrictive business acceptance policies that prioritize representing large companies over small companies and individuals. In contrast, Parlatore Law Group gives its partners the freedom to prioritize small business and individual clients.  Cloud-based firms offer tremendous savings on annual legal expenses, and we believe this benefit should not be reserved only for large companies because small businesses can also use those savings to create jobs and significant growth.  Moreover, we do not believe in abandoning an existing client who has a dispute with a larger company, in order to avoid the “reputational risk” of representing the “little guy” against the “big guy.”

This philosophy carries over to Parlatore Law Group’s recruiting process.  We look for the best attorneys in practice, not just on paper.  Therefore, rather than focusing solely on whether a prospective partner has AMLAW 200 firms on their resume and the size of their portable book, Parlatore Law Group’s recruiting process focuses on legal talent, experience, and knowledge.  Many of the best lawyers do not come from AMLAW 200 firms, so we do not restrict our recruiting to elitist, non-qualitative factors.

Parlatore Law Group has a unique culture compared to other law firms.  Founded by a military veteran, we place a premium on strong work and moral ethics, teamwork and a mission-oriented mindset.  Our law firm’s annual retreat is for partners and support staff, with a focus on team-building.  While military affiliation is by no means a pre-requisite, Parlatore Law Group has several hiring initiatives and programs to support veterans, reservists, National Guard, and the spouses of active military members.  Additionally, because we are free from geographic constraints, all support functions are staffed by active duty military spouses.

If those were not enough differentiators, Parlatore Law Group also offers an industry leading compensation formula that is transparent and easy to understand.  Partners are paid a percentage of the fees collected, both on matters that they originate and matters that they work on.  Origination credit is calculated on a sliding scale that increases over the year based on the origination volume.  While the exact percentages are confidential and disclosed only to prospective partners under a non-disclosure agreement during the recruiting process, partners can generally expect to take home well over 80% of the fees they collect on cases that they originate and work on.


Parlatore Law Group aims to be the best legal services team in the industry; diversified enough to handle needs of our clients and committed to helping us grow.  

Most attorneys who join Parlatore Law Group will do so as partners. All prospective partners should provide a resume, writing sample, and demonstrate a track record of success within their practice area.  

Compensation is 100% performance based.  Parlatore Law Group’s attorneys are motivated, entrepreneurial and enterprising to bring business into the firm.  While we do not have a rigid “minimum portable book” requirement, applicants should be prepared to show how they plan to use Parlatore Law Group’s cloud-based technology platform to generate business from any geographic location they choose.  

The cloud-based legal services model is not ideal for training newly admitted attorneys, so applicants should have at least five years of experience as a licensed attorney.  In certain, limited circumstances, Parlatore Law Group considers attorneys who do not meet the minimum experience requirements but show exceptional promise.  These attorneys will be considered for the position of “counsel” with an expectation that once the minimum requirements are met, they will be considered for full partnership.

Without having physical location as a limiting factor, Parlatore Law Group hires the best attorneys across the country and around the world. 


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