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Parlatore Law Group is dedicated to helping our military and veterans with a wide array of legal issues. Our attorneys are renowned for their victories in military courtrooms and administrative proceedings for active duty and reserve military members. Our team also helps veterans navigate the VA disability process, ensures that you are getting all the benefits you earned through your service, corrects military records, and builds veteran-owned businesses.

We're More than just a law firm

Parlatore Law Group is more than just a law firm. Founded by a military veteran and employing several veterans and military spouses, our attorneys bring extensive experience and knowledge to the table in order to provide legal services that serve a greater purpose – helping those who have served us honorably. We’re driven by a mission-oriented approach, leveraging our unique backgrounds and expertise to give our clients results they can count on. Our vision is clear: we will continue serving our nation’s heroes with courage, integrity and excellence – while providing exceptional client service and value each step of the way.

Why Parlatore Law Group?

A military veteran founded Parlatore Law Group, and this experience is woven throughout our culture and ethos. Our attorneys hail from diverse backgrounds and practice areas, but all share in our mission-oriented approach. It’s who we are. Our team is proud to leverage our military experience toward a client-focused approach that drives results.

How We can help

Our military members fight every day to support and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. But, when you are charged with misconduct, you need competent legal representation to ensure that your own constitutional rights are defended. Military Law encompasses a wide range of proceedings, from administrative proceedings to criminal investigations and Courts Martial. Parlatore Law Group is uniquely equipped to handle all these matters because our team of attorneys is comprised of many military veterans and military family members who are personally invested in ensuring that service members of all ranks receive the justice and protection that they deserve. One major benefit that Parlatore Law Group brings to military proceedings is that, unlike active-duty JAG attorneys and many military-law focused firms, our attorneys also have a broad range of experience in other jurisdictions and are not locked into the conventional mindset of attorneys that only practice within the military judicial system. Through the high-profile and successful defense of the largest war crimes trial in the history of the U.S. Navy, our firm has gained a reputation within the military justice community as aggressive and relentless defenders of our clients’ rights. Though we have become known for our high-profile victories, we represent a wide array of clients, from the most complex combat-related murder cases to administrative separations, board of inquiry, and retirement grade determinations.

 Examples of services include:

  • Courts Martial
  • Investigations (Command, IG, Criminal)
  • Clemency and Parole
  • Appeals
  • Board of Inquiries
  • Administrative Separations
  • Retirement Grade Determinations
  • Protective Order Assistance
  • Performance Evaluation Appeals
  • Board for Correction of Military/Naval Records (BCMR/BCNR) Upgrades

If you are a service member who needs comprehensive legal representation, we are here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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