elizabeth candelario

Elizabeth Candelario


Elizabeth Candelario has been a partner with Parlatore Law Group since 2019.  She focuses her practice on administrative and appellate law, including issues particular to military members and veterans, as well as aviation and lobbying compliance.  She brings her significant breadth of experience, knowledge base, and enthusiasm to each issue she tackles, whether it is providing guidance and advice, regulatory interpretation, or crafting an argument. Her thorough analysis and focus on the unique circumstances and legal nuance of each case make Ms. Candelario a zealous appellate advocate.    

Ms. Candelario has 15 years of experience representing individuals and organizations in various administrative and appellate matters.  She specializes in assisting military members appealing to the Boards for Correction of Military Records, and denials of BCNR/BCMR determinations to the federal courts.  As a military spouse, Ms. Candelario is well versed in navigating the complexities of dealing with the DoD.  She is also experienced in representing airmen and passengers facing investigation or enforcement action from the FAA, including appeals to the National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Court of Appeals.  Ms. Candelario has successfully argued before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit on issues involving the validity and interpretation of FAA procedural requirements; and obtained multiple remands from federal district courts to the military boards.  She also represents entities seeking to intervene or participate in cases as amicus curia. 

Ms. Candelario also assists clients in their advocacy efforts, including at the grassroots level, to comply with lobbying disclosure and ethics rules at the federal, state, and local levels.  She has extensive knowledge of the requirements of the Lobbying Disclosure Act. She works with clients to provide training on registration triggers and disclosure obligations, provide advice and oversight of the preparation and submission of required filings, and to advise clients in an effort to ensure compliance with ethical requirements and limitations imposed by federal or state lobbying laws.

Ms. Candelario has also worked with non-profit associations to provide legal guidance, draft and review corporate documents, and assist with various issues that arise in the role of general counsel.

She lives in Oceanside, CA, with her husband, two energetic little boys, a dog, a cat, an ant farm, and a yard full of dinosaurs.