Toni Quinn O’Neill


Toni Quinn O’Neill is a Partner with Parlatore Law Group and a highly sought-after attorney focusing her practice on criminal defense and military law.  With a passion for the courtroom, she has represented a myriad of clients, from general officers to newly enlisted recruits, and has litigated over 120 felony and misdemeanor criminal trials to verdict or dismissal as a defense attorney with an extraordinarily high acquittal rate.

Having successfully litigated countless trial motions concerning search and seizure, discovery issues, and testimonial hearsay, she is experienced in handling a full spectrum of constitutional issues. Additionally, she recognizes the importance of defending her clients not only in the courtroom, but in the court of public opinion as well, and is experienced in professionally handling media inquiries in high profile cases. 

Prior to joining Parlatore Law Group, Ms. O’Neill has spent well over a decade assisting veterans and their families, both in the Air Force, as well as in private practice. She has represented clients at court-martial, non-judicial punishment, adverse administrative actions, investigative hearings, at boards of correction and with military pay issues. As a retired Air Force JAG with four consecutive tours as a litigator, Ms. O’Neill has a wealth of experience handling military justice cases.

She is admitted to practice worldwide on military matters.                    

She currently lives in Northern Virginia, with her husband and children. 


I will forever be grateful to Toni for literally saving my career. She never gave me false hope. She explained to me my options in resolving my legal issue prior to trial. She skillfully handled every phase of trial and was exceptional in anticipating the prosecution’s strategy. My NOT guilty verdict is a testament to her skill as an experienced defense attorney.  -Lawrence [November, 2019]

The case looked hopeless until Toni joined the defense team that she would move up to lead. She was fearless In the long drawn-out fight. She not only kept the faith as the criminal defense attorney in a high-profile case stacked the case against us, us, but she fought through until the bitter end of two prosecutions that she prevented by her tenacity and attention to detail. Her fearlessness with creative motions and big-picture strategy had backup plans for the back up plans, but she killed my case each first chance she got. She’s that good. And now I’m an attorney thanks to her and her encouragement after the case was over. She treated me as more important than anyone else around, and I never could figure out how she did it all for all of us. If my daughters were in trouble, I’d call Toni. No doubt. -Matthew [January, 2019]

Without hesitation I would recommend Antoinette for legal representation regarding military matters. She is extremely well versed and knowledgeable in military law. She has an innate ability to communicate complicated legal terminology into powerful, direct language that can resonate with both with the layman and legal professionals. She took my case when others wouldn’t and she navigated me through the process in a calm, confident and methodical manner with a flare for compassion. She won my case involving SBP and I would highly recommend her as a first choice. –Anonymous [December, 2018]

I am writing this 5 Star Review on behalf of my sister, a widow of a 23 year military retiree who passed soon after retiring and marrying my sister. Ms. Quinn took on my sister’s very unique case on her attempt to obtain survivor benefits as a widow of a retiree, her husband, who married her after retiring. This complicated situation was one that Ms. Quinn admitted was rarely if ever seen in her work but that she be happy to take on. Her complete focus and skill along with skillful guidance offered my sister a level of confidence in the outcome of this case. It took months to complete putting the case together as my sister needed to secure affidavits from family and friends, submit them to Ms. Quinn for review and inclusion into her packet that was to be forwarded to the decision making, military Board. Her ability to grasp a unique situation in its entirely, write a compelling case supporting a positive outcome and her availability by phone and email was comforting and very welcome to both my sister and me (I helped my sister pull this case together for submission). Ms. Quinn was also there to keep us informed about expectations, timelines and final outcome. Almost 9 months later, a positive outcome was realized and all due to Ms. Quinn’s compelling, honest and empathetic presentation that was submitted to the Board. Her written response to the Board that made the final decision so compelling focused on the fact that the policy guidance about military retirees marrying after they left active service, was confusing and unclear. Due to Ms, Quinn pointing this out, the Board made a recommendation to review its current policy on military members who marry for the first time after the member retirees. Wow! I give Ms. Quinn my highest marks for a “job well done” on behalf of my sister, who lost her beloved husband too soon to a precipitous and deadly brain tumor. Thank you again, Ms. Quinn, for a job well done! For anyone looking for a great attorney who truly has your best interest at heart, call her ASAP! -Jackie [October, 2018]

Toni was a significant asset to my defense team during my General Court Martial. Thanks to her hard work, I was found not guilty after being accused of violating article 112a of the UCMJ and am still an active member of the Air Force. I couldn’t be more thankful and impressed with her representation. She is by far the best choice for any military member needing defense counsel because she has an in-depth understanding of the military justice system. She is a professional, hard-working, and competent individual who I would, without a doubt, hire again to represent me.-Anonymous

Antoinette O’Neill (Toni) is by far the most competent attorney I have ever worked with. She understands the nuances of what matters in a military trial and worth focusing on. There is always uncertainty hiring a new attorney and it can be hard to tell online what is overstated or sales pitch – I’m writing this so it will be understood that her skill is worth every dollar. She will not tell you what you want to hear – she will take the reality head on and solve the problem.  -J.C. [2020]

Antoinette O’Neil (Toni) literally saved my life. She was honest with me. Never gave me false hope. She explained to me all of my options. She did everything to keep me from going to trial. At trial, she DELIVERED! I was impressed with her experience and skills at trial. I will forever be grateful. In a perfect world we wouldn’t need her skills. I’m happy to be free because of her abilities. -L.W. [2019]

Toni represented us exceptionally well!! She fought for us and her closing argument was so compelling that we could feel her passion and pursuit of justice. Thank God, we won!! I highly recommend her. -M.W. [2019]

If you are reading these reviews, you are probably in a situation like I was a year ago, living in real fear that the organization you have devoted yourself to is now trying to take away your future. You are wondering, can Toni help me? I can tell you from experience, she can, and she will. She has the intellect and the empathy, the education and the lived experience to help you. Hire her, trust her, follow her guidance and keep your head up. I did, and a year later I have my life back, my sense of well-being, and a future I can look forward to again. I am so, so grateful to her. -K.K. [2019]

Ms. Toni Quinn O’Neill represented a family member in a complicated court martial with very serious charges. Ms. O’Neill’s excellent legal knowledge, her keen litigation skills, and her ability to help the panel (jury) understand the application of law to the evidence, led the panel to return a not guilty verdict. Ms. O’Neill is the best choice anyone could ever make for a court martial defense lawyer.-Anonymous [2019]

I was acquitted at a General Court Martial thanks to Toni. If you need a defense attorney who understands the military justice system, stop looking because this firm will give you the best representation. Toni is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I couldn’t be more thankful for the hard work she put into my case. -S.C. [2019]

Ms. Toni Quinn O’Neill is undoubtedly the best!-C.G. [2019]