Veteran Affairs

Anyone who has served and fought for our country also knows that it is even more difficult and demoralizing to fight against the bureaucracy to receive the benefits you are entitled to. Parlatore Law Group is dedicated to serving our veterans and helping you receive the VA disability benefits you are entitled to. Whether you’ve been denied benefits completely, or received a lower rating than expected, we are here to represent you. Founded by a military veteran, both the culture and ethos of our firm draw heavily upon that experience resulting in a mission oriented, client focused approach. Accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs, our VA claims attorneys are experienced at navigating the processes and procedures of getting you access to entitled benefits. Because the rules and regulations for veterans filing claims are complex and frequently evolving, having a lawyer on your side who understands the regulations and can help with military and civilian administrative issues is invaluable. We are proud to serve those who have served our nation.

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