Breaking News: Military Mandated COVID-19 Vaccine Rescinded

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The Armed Forces Military COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Was Rescinded on January 10, 2023.

For those currently serving: Ensure that any and all adverse action regarding the COVID-19 vaccine mandate is removed from your records.

For those who were already discharged for failing to receive the vaccine, you may petition your Military Department’s DRB and BCMR to request a correction to your personnel record, including records regarding the characterization of your discharge.

You can review the Secretary of Defense Memo on Rescission of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination Requirements for Members of the Armed Forces here.

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Kieran McDowell is a partner at Parlatore Law Group, who assists current and former military service members with complex legal administrative issues and the many collateral issues that may arise due to military service. Her expertise involves a wide area of military administrative law matters, including discharge upgrades, record correction, federal court appeals, entry grade credit issues, titling and indexing appeals, USERRA issues, and Veterans Law Assistance. She is also part of the collaborative divorce team at Parlatore.