A Smarter Way to Practice Law

February 8, 2021 | Written By Laurel Sceviour

A Smarter Way to Practice Law

During a time of overwhelming uncertainty for so many, we know that many lawyers are seeking peace of mind for themselves and their families. The coronavirus outbreak and subsequent economic instability have left many wondering how their practice of law can fit into the “new normal” we are all facing.  

When Managing Partner Tim Parlatore, founded Parlatore Law Group, LLP., he did so on the principle of eliminating all the unnecessary overhead expenses associated with traditional law firms, while still providing the highest quality legal services. Without the necessity of collocation in a physical office, we can instead devote our efforts to solving our clients’ problems and working together as a cohesive team across the country, and from the comforts of our own homes. Our firm infrastructure allows us to work remotely, but still together, while continuing to take clients’ calls, even in the face of a worldwide pandemic. It is a privilege we are so grateful for, especially now.  

Unfortunately, many talented attorneys are now finding themselves in a position where they are contemplating retiring or suspending operations, decisions which would have huge financial and economic impacts down the line. We recognize that many lawyers who have only operated out of brick-and-mortar firms are unsure of where to go from here and are looking to mitigate stress and risk during this time.  

To those people we say, we would love for you to join us! There is another way—a smarter way— to provide top legal services to clients than the traditional model. The innovative use of cloud-based technology makes the need for physical offices obsolete and creates great opportunities for attorneys and clients alike. As work, home and family life are now more intertwined than ever, our workplace culture continues to evolve to reflect the needs and desires of our partners. Our team of attorneys specialize in over 30 practice areas and growing all over the United States. If you are interested in learning more about our firm or discussing ways in which Parlatore Law Group can best serve you through this challenging time, please reach out to us at recruiting@parlatorelawgroup.com.  


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