Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Parlatore Law Group

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This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for our clients and team of talented attorneys who lead our growing business. Parlatore Law Group’s mission is simple: to provide the highest quality level services, at a reasonable rate. We work to achieve this mission by utilizing the cloud-based model, effectively removing the costs and barriers associated with traditional law firms. Without the necessity of a central office location, our hiring team can focus on bringing the top talent to the firm, regardless of location. This cloud-based model has proved invaluable in helping our team navigate a work/life balance while still best serving our clients. We are proud of all we have accomplished this year and ready for what the new year will bring. This Thanksgiving, our plates are full—both literally and figuratively. Check out why our team of wonderful attorneys is thankful to work at Parlatore Law Group.

Elana Bertram “I live in Hawaii, and I think you might be expecting me to post about working from the beach with my laptop and hotspot. And while that’s certainly a (hypothetical) perk—what I’m most grateful for is the flexibility this job allows me to take care of my family. I’m grateful to be able to deliver top-class legal services to my clients remotely, on a schedule that works for them and me.”

Scott Brenner “Parlatore Law Group’s cloud-based technology platform enables us to form a perfect partnership with our clients, offering high quality legal services by industry-leading attorneys. We obviate the old-school method of clients hauling physical copies of their paperwork into an ornamental high-overhead physical office. Instead, we stay lean and mean.  We meet at the client’s convenient setting and upload/download all that is necessary to get the job done right then and there – saving the client significantly in resources, time and money.”   

Elizabeth Candelario “I love that, despite the fact everyone works remotely from locations across the country, there’s still a sense of community at Parlatore Law Group. It’s a very supportive environment and there’s a real entrepreneurial spirit.  We utilize some fantastic technology that makes collaborating on projects easy.  It’s rewarding to work with talented people from diverse backgrounds, and we provide better service for our clients as a result. I’m grateful to be part of such an amazing team!”

Catherine Deist “I enjoy working with the team of attorneys at Parlatore Law Group. While we are cloud based and don’t share a singular office, I am thankful for the progressive technology and strong sense of community that allow us to collaborate effectively to serve our clients’ needs.”

Kelly Petrusawich Wilson “This week I am thankful for the ability to be an advocate for my clients and my family. As a military spouse I always say I am plan a, b, and c when it comes to my children’s care. I knew there had to be something in between the long, inflexible hours demanded of me in the brick and mortar firm and the many unchallenging, and underpaid positions frequently touted as military spouse friendly. In my position with Parlatore Law Group I have found that balance; I am able to do meaningful and challenging work from anywhere at anytime, while staying an involved and active special needs mom.”

Maryam Hadden “I am thankful for the work culture that Parlatore Law Group provides, affording me the flexibility to work from the comfort of my own home with fantastic colleagues, choose clients I want to represent, and still be present for my family. In turn, clients receive top-notch, affordable services, without having to pay for the leather furniture and fancy artwork on the walls of a traditional office suite.

Tim Parlatore “When I started Parlatore Law Group a year ago, I could not have imagined the incredible growth and success we would accomplish within our first year. I am thankful for our talented team of partners, counsel, and support staff whose dedication made this happen, as well as our clients, who put their trust in us to handle all of their legal needs.”