Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher’s Freedom Restored


San Diego, July 3, 2019 – This week, the jury restored Chief Edward R. Gallagher’s freedom and found him not guilty of murder.


After being taken into pre-trial confinement on September 11, 2018 he will spend this July 4th with his family celebrating not only our nation’s freedom, but also his own.


Although this trial has exposed many concerning shortcomings within the military justice system, the service members who served on the jury fulfilled their constitutional duties and ensured that nothing less than justice was done.


SOC Gallagher, today apologized to the members of the jury and took full responsibility not only for the photo at issue,  but also for the  scrutiny it has brought to the military community and family he loves.


Although we are thankful for yesterday’s verdict and to the service members who served on the jury, we will continue to fight on SOC Gallagher’s behalf to protect the full retirement benefits he earned over the duration of his 20 years of service.


On behalf of the entire legal team as well as the Gallagher family we are thankful for the continued support we have received.


For any additional media requests or inquiries on behalf of the Gallagher family or SOC Gallagher’s defense team, please contact Kelly Wilson, Counsel for Parlatore Law Group at


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