Small Business Spotlight: Inspirus

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Be a part of the solution! That’s what Alicia Kennedy did upon realizing that her African American son could not identify with many of the characters in his reading books or the teachers in his learning curriculum. Recognizing that a variety of people from all walks of life homeschool, she saw a need to further the quality and diversity of curriculum aimed toward young students.

With that goal in mind, she set about creating that opportunity, not just for herself, but for other homeschooling parents seeking representation in curriculum. Because of her background teaching in a multicultural setting, Ms. Kennedy was already acutely aware of the struggles many encounter in facilitating new and engaging ways for children to learn. She saw the disparities in accessibility to inclusive and relevant learning materials, and from that need, Inspirus was born.

According to their website, “Inspirus offers diverse educational resources for homeschooling parents and children, including fun freebies and a selection of books for budding and avid readers.” Through these resources, Ms. Kennedy aims to inspire the future generation of avid learners and readers.

But with all great ideas, can inevitably come the stressors in building the strategic “business side” of things. “The hardest thing about starting a business was actually knowing where to start because in most cases, you don’t,” said Ms. Kennedy. That is where she found working with outside counsel to be incredibly helpful in establishing and growing her company, especially when it came to managing contracts, copyrights, trademarks, and branding.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sabrina Gibson and Nicole Gaither, and both have been extremely helpful,” said Ms. Kennedy. “Sabrina has been essential in helping me with all things contracts. I work with a lot of moving pieces. I work with illustrators, contractors, and more. It is really nice not to second guess if my contract will cover my business.”

Additionally, Ms. Gaither helped Ms. Kennedy submit her trademark application, a job that she is very grateful for, as without her assistance she would have likely faced unexpected roadblocks and hurdles, based on the business name, alone. “It has been so helpful to work with experienced attorneys that I can trust.”

Looking to the future, Ms. Kennedy is excited to continue to diversify the pages of children’s literature, one book at a time. She has just released her first children’s book, You Were Created, the first of many more to come. In fact, Ms. Gibson played a critical role in assisting with contracts to secure illustrators for future books.

Additionally, Ms. Kennedy plans to launch her line of diverse educational materials next summer, including workbooks, flashcards, and full curricula. “I look forward to what the future holds for Inspirus,” she said.

We at Parlatore Law Group are proud to work alongside Ms. Kennedy and Inspirus in promoting the accessibility and diversity of educational curriculum.

“Alicia is the type of client who reminds me of why I became a lawyer. To help creative, driven entrepreneurs have confidence in their business decisions to pursue their dreams. Working with someone like Alicia is just the icing on the cake,” said Ms. Gibson. “She is passionate and determined to change this world for future generations through representation of minority communities through education and literature. The world needs the products she creates, and I am honored to be a part of her business journey.”

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