Parlatore Law Group Grows in Fall 2021  

October 19, 2021 | Written By Laurel Sceviour

Parlatore Law Group, LLP is thrilled to announce our continued growth in September 2021, increasing our strength in Colorado and adding another incredibly talented attorney to our team.


We are proud to welcome Shani Phillips to our team and are excited about the diverse skill set and experience she brings to Parlatore Law Group.

Ms. Phillips’ life has been rich with experiences; from her prior military and law enforcement service to her entrepreneurship and startup ventures, her experiences and perspectives will be a major addition to our firm and a benefit to our clients.”

– Timothy Parlatore, Founder & Managing Partner


Shani Phillips is Counsel with Parlatore Law Group and focuses her practice on estate law, property law, and business law.

“I was originally drawn to Parlatore Law Group because it is innovative in both its cloud-based structure and in the services it provides to its clients. I enjoy being part of this firm because of the amazing amount of experience and diversity among the attorneys, and I am proud of how we work collaboratively to provide solutions to our clients based on that experience.”

 – Shani Phillips, Counsel

Ms. Phillips’s passion and legal interests include privacy rights where she works to provide people with confidential property ownership. She also has experience advocating for issues pertaining to veterans’ rights, disability rights, refugee rights. She has been recognized for her research on Colorado guardianship laws, where she identified gaps in the laws that negatively impact adults with mild to moderate cognitive impairments, and she drafted model legislation to reduce that gap.

Additionally, Ms. Phillips is the founder of a bread company that she formed and ran on her own during law school. In addition to her legal and small business focus, Ms. Phillips has proven she is committed to a life of service, bringing a wide breadth of life experiences to her practice of law. She is retired from the United States Army Special Operations where she deployed frequently in support of the Global War on Terror.

She is admitted to practice in Colorado.

To view Shani Phillips’ full biography and contact information, click here.

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