The Evolution of Cloud Based Law at Parlatore Law Group



When Tim Parlatore founded Parlatore Law Group back in 2018, he did so with an eye toward the evolving future of legal services in mind. Founded on the principle of eliminating all the unnecessary overhead expenses associated with traditional law firms while providing the highest quality legal services to clients, Parlatore Law Group has stayed true to its original mission, and has supported over 40 attorneys and support staff, in over a dozen virtual offices in cities nationwide – Until today.

Since our founding, we have maintained virtual offices in several key cities throughout the states in which our attorneys are licensed to practice, just as all national cloud-based firms have.  Despite being nothing more than a mailbox in a larger shared office suite, these virtual offices had served to fulfill the minimal brick-and-mortar requirements of some states, as well as to provide an appearance of presence in multiple cities. However, in the wake of the COVID pandemic, most of those states have recognized the reality of remote work and rescinded their outdated brick-and-mortar requirements.

Today, we move forward with our evolution of the cloud-based model, by eliminating our regional virtual offices entirely. Our firm is rapidly expanding, and with a network of local counsel to assist in providing legal services in so many geographic areas, the need for these physical offices has become obsolete.  Moreover, virtual offices can lead to the misimpression that our attorneys focus on localized metropolitan areas, rather than state-wide and multijurisdictional practices.  Removing these regional virtual offices acknowledges that reality, while simplifying our mail handling system.  The vast majority of communications are electronic, but where physical mail is required, we have convenient and regional mail handling rooms set up to handle paper correspondence.

Additionally, we have recently begun utilizing an electronic business card model with cutting edge features to handle our networking and client management needs. This model allows our attorneys to scan and share business cards in multiple languages, accurately read and store paper cards within the app, and make edits which simultaneously update in real time on cards previously shared worldwide. Custom QR code designs allow for ease of card sharing and updating with relevant information and videos to keep clients informed and engaged. Additionally, we will be issuing cards to attorneys with a Near-Field Communication (NFC) chip so that our contact info can be passed electronically through a mere tap of the phone. These streamlined features allow our attorneys and their clients an eco-friendly, modern solution for their evolving networking needs, while lessening our environmental impact and keeping most of our transactions paper-less. Our commitment to the cloud-based model is reflected in our keen understanding of the ways the world is changing and how we can meet best adapt to meet the needs of our clients.

We currently have attorneys licensed to practice in 25 states and the District of Columbia. With this continued growth comes the exciting opportunity to continue to operate our cloud-based model in a way that supports the interests of our clients and attorneys, alike.  By eliminating metropolitan limits and advertising statewide services, we can reach, and consequently assist, more people.

We are proud to be on the forefront of this shift to entirely remote work and feel confident in our ability to best serve our clients in this new and improved model. Whether you are a potential client seeking new representation, or an attorney looking to upgrade your practice, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today to see how our new and innovative approach can best serve your interests; and check out our website to see if our statewide services are applicable to you.


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