Post-Conviction Relief

Once you have been convicted of a criminal offense, whether by guilty plea or verdict after trial, the fight is not yet over. Depending on the circumstances, there are a variety of post-conviction options which may be available. To guide you through this process, you need a meticulous and competent attorney to review the record and identify potential angles for an appeal, or other post-conviction proceeding. Sometimes the judge improperly instructed the jury, or made errors in evidentiary rulings, sometimes prosecutors or investigators committed misconduct, which led to an unjust result, and sometimes even the defense attorneys failed to properly defend their clients by providing “ineffective assistance of counsel.” Sometimes a conviction can be overturned, other times, the best that can be achieved is a minimization of the negative impacts of that conviction, whether by a reduction of sentence or mitigation of other collateral consequences. It is important not to delay, as the law imposes strict deadlines on various post-conviction filings. Contact Parlatore Law Group today so that we can help you explore the options.

Examples of services include:

  • Direct Appeal
  • Habeus Corpus Petitions
  • Expungement
  • Re-sentencing
  • Pardon and Clemency Applications
  • Relief from Disabilities

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